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Baby Planner

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BABY PLANNER -- A la Carte

Baby Planner Support (also known as a Maternity Concierge/Maternity Consultant) tends to the needs of expectant parents and those with infants with education, coordination, and concierge services.  I provide families with expert knowledge of what is functionally needed during pregnancy, the transition back to work, and the first years of parenting (pro tip: you won't need as much baby gear as you might expect!

Choose any option below, custom designed for your family's lifestyle and preferences!

  • Hospital Bag Prep and Pack

  • Individualized Birth Plan and Postpartum Plan Creation

  • Individualized Registry Setup and Management

  • Postpartum Freezer Meal Prep

  • Postpartum Meal Train Set-up

  • Nursery Organization

  • Baby Clothes Organization

  • Nursing/Pumping Stations Organization

  • Infant feeding/Introducing Solids Consultation and Set-up

  • Babywearing Consultation and Education

  • Home Child Safety Guidance and Set-up

  • Positive Discipline Guidance and Support

  • Montessori at Home Design and Set-up

  • Potty Learning Guidance and Set-up

A la Carte Support

Maternity Concierge Baby Planner doula Madison Wisconsin


Choose one or two tasks your family needs support with.

Baby Planner Madison, WI birth doula


Choose three tasks your family needs support with.

doula baby planner madison, wisconsin online hypnobirthing


Rate available for families already contracted with doula support from Pax & Lux.

All tasks include a half-hour planning consult paired with completion of task.

Find Balance

I'm here to help!  Reach out for more information here:  /  Tel. 608-609-1801

Connie Lambeth Birth Doula Baby Planner Madison, WI maternity concierge
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