"Connie was great to work with. She is confident and taught us a lot, but was also patient and listened to our needs. The prenatal meetings were very enjoyable as Connie guided us in talking about our thoughts and wishes for the birth. She brought up many topics that my husband and I would not have discussed on our own and it left us feeling connected and prepared for our daughter’s birth. It was reassuring to have an experienced doula in the delivery room and Connie had a calm and encouraging approach in helping me get through each contraction. I highly recommend Connie for other families. 


The Hypnobirthing class I took with Connie was very helpful in preparing for my daughter’s birth. The time carved out each week, in the comfort of my own home, helped me focus on my wants and needs for the delivery. The class helped me explore fears I hadn’t realized were present and all together it lead to me not only feeling prepared for whatever the delivery brought, but excited to experience it as well. I felt strong and calm and the Hypnobirthing class, along with having Connie as a doula, played a large role in that."

"We were fortunate to have Connie as our doula for the birth of our first child. She helped us prepare for our son’s birth (and the first weeks of his life) mentally, emotionally, and logistically, which decreased our overall anxiety about all the unknowns. Connie empowered us to think through and advocate for the things that really mattered to us, which helped make the delivery process a positive one. She was a calming, supportive, and encouraging presence throughout labor and delivery and someone we felt comfortable inviting into the most vulnerable experience of our lives. Afterwards, she continued to be a steady support and resource. Thank you, Connie!"

"Connie was a blessing to me during my pregnancy and after my baby arrived. She is calm, comforting, reassuring, knowledgeable, and reliable. I enrolled in Connie’s Hypnobirthing class, which allowed me to think deeply about my pregnancy and the life changes ahead, while also providing valuable tools for a calm and peaceful birth. 


I also hired Connie as my doula. Although my birth did not meet my pre-planned expectations, Connie talked me through the new plan and helped me come to peace with it. She was there for me every step of the way. Connie also provided support after the pregnancy. Seeing her during the postpartum phase was not only helpful in a practical way, it also brought a big smile to my face. In short, I highly recommend Connie’s services."

"Connie made an anxiety-filled, first-time experience easier through her calming demeanor and habit of patient listening. The moment we first met, we immediately felt comfortable enough to invite her into our personal lives and spaces. It was easy to get hold of her through the succeeding months, and she was intimately involved at Westley's birth, holding my hand, guiding me around the room, reassuring me with an expert blend of words and empathetic silence. My husband and I are so grateful for her familial touch."

"Connie was my doula for the birth of our second babe and I wish she had been there for our first. Her calm presence was greatly beneficial for myself and especially for my husband. She provided snacks, a soothing voice, massage through contractions in just the right place, a hand to squeeze, a listening ear and valuable information regarding childbirth. Her services were professional, sensitive and reassuring. I would recommend Connie to anyone looking for a committed, calm and passionate doula. Thank you, Connie!"

Connie was an absolute dream to work with during my pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum period! She was open minded and listened to my husband and I talk through different scenarios and make decisions. When I needed interventions the most she was there with suggestions and was a calming presence. My husband and I felt that we made the best decision by working with Connie and would highly recommend collaborating with her!

There are really no words to describe how much Connie’s support and guidance meant to my husband and me. She helped us prepare for our birth in ways I wouldn’t have thought to do without her. My husband and I were able to express our hopes and our fears for our baby, the birth process, and our relationship. This connected us in a way pre-partum that really helped throughout the birth process and even now postpartum. During our birth, she was amazing. She supported us throughout the birth and made it possible for my husband and I to make decisions together and in a calm, informed way as our birth progressed. Our birth was not exactly how I pictured going in but with Connie’s help, we had a birth that I look back on without regrets and we feel confident in the decisions we made. I don’t know that I would be saying the same without having Connie there.

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