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Tools for your Birth and Postpartum from an experienced Doula and Student Midwife!

Once an item is purchased, Etsy will instantly provide the link to download the file once the payment is successfully processed.Click the link to download, and save the file to print it!

hosptial bag checklist1.jpg
Hospital Bag Checklist

Whether you're packing for a hospital or birth center birth, or planning a home birth and need a bag packed just in case -- this list will have you prepared with exactly what you will need!

birth preferences etsy 1 tan (1).jpg
Birth Plan/Preferences Template

This digital download birth plan makes space for you to know your options and to communicate your birth preferences in a straightforward way.

etsy adult pages.jpg
Birth Affirmation
Adult Coloring Pages

Center yourself through the calming, meditative, and therapeutic benefits of coloring while you mentally prepare yourself for birth.

etsy postpartum bundle.jpg
Postpartum Planning Bundle

This bundle includes:  Newborn and Parent Planning Activity Template, Postpartum Circle of Support Template, Meal Train Sign-up Template, Postpartum Help Template

newborn and parent planning activity.jpg
Newborn and Parent Planning

Guides parents through the needs of newborn sleep and feeding schedules, and helps parents think about how their current daily tasks will fit in with a newborn's schedule.

postpartum help template.jpg
Postpartum Help Template

This postpartum help template supports you in having an organized layout of tasks someone could do when they ask "What can I do to help?", and you don't have to think of something on the spot!

meal train signup.jpg
Meal Train Sign-up Template

Navigating a big life change? Meal trains help with practical support, whether you're welcoming a new baby or healing after surgery.

etsy postpartum circle.jpg
Postpartum Circle of Support

Organize your community of supporters by focusing on their strengths, and what you will really need once you welcome a new baby -- practical help! 

black and white moth.jpg
Newborn Montessori
Moth and Butterfly Cards

Montessori black and white cards should be geometric, or of realistic animals, and these Moth and Butterfly Cards are a perfect mixture of both!



Madison, WI

Student Midwife, Full Spectrum Doula, 
and Certified Hypnobirthing Educator
Masters in Education

"I have so many tools that I've created through the years for the families I've supported, and I wanted to make those professional tools more accessible!"

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