Group Prenatals

Group Prenatals with Madison Doula Collective

Facilitators:  Madison Doula Collective

1st Sunday of every month


exclusive for families contracted with a Madison Doula Collective doula.

At Madison Doula Collective's monthly Group Prenatal, you can expect: discussing a new topic each month, often paired with mini-workshops and hearing birth stories from the families we support collectively.

This is a good time to connect with potential backup doulas, gather resources from other birth professionals and their specialties, to meet other expectant families, and engage with topics that are most important to you. 

This group is for families contracted with a Madison Doula Collective doula.  If you are interested in working with a doula, feel free to send an email (it will be me on the other end!) or find out more about our Meet & Greet for people looking for a doula.

Held at the calming People's Yoga Collective.  Please RSVP with your doula to let us know to expect you.

August Group Prenatal
Aug 02, 4:00 PM

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Connie Lambeth | Full Spectrum Doula Support |  Madison, Wisconsin
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