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6 Doula Approved Options for Prenatal Exercise

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

6. Barre

Prenatal Barre isn't really that different from a typical Barre class (which is like ballet barre work mixed with Pilates), with the exception that it's tailored to meet the needs of pregnant mama's. It's intense enough for moms wanting to feel challenged, and realistic for moms wanting to test the waters.

5. Pilates

Pilates is one of my favorite low-impact forms of exercise. Pilates is usually what I recommendations for mama's who want to exercise and engage their muscles, but may have a history of joint issues.

4. Dance.

Dancing is not only a safe aerobic exercise during pregnancy, but it's also an effective way to move baby down while you are in labor. It can be fun to bust out into a impromptu dance party with your older kids, or have a moment to be care-free with your partner, too.

3. Yoga

As a Hypnobirthing Educator, I especially love how prenatal yoga focuses on your breath, body, and mind working together. It's also a great opportunity to exercise, check in and connect with your body and baby.

2. Swim

Swimming, especially in the last weeks of pregnancy, can feel liberating to a person carrying a baby. Many mom's find swimming to be an aerobic exercise that they can do with more ease. You also have the ability to follow your body by doing free-style lap swimming.

1. Walking

Walking is my favorite because it is self-guided, and you can set your own speed and intensity. It's also a great way to connect with your honey, older kiddos, and baby. Did I mention that walking is one of the best ways to naturally push labor along? Bonus!

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