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Why I love "Call the Midwife"

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

I love "Call the Midwife". It's the one show that I feel actually shows an accurate depiction of birth. I usually suggest avoiding media depictions of pregnancy and birth, but this is the one exception I would make. So if you're looking for a new Netflix show to binge, this is it!

1.) I appreciate that the drama of the show is hardly about birth and pregnancy complications, and instead the complications of social-emotional changes around pregnant people and their communities. The vast majority of the births shown on the show are straightforward and uncomplicated. The show also has actual midwives that they refer to for accuracy.

2.) The show also has actual midwives that they refer to for accuracy. They asked actual birth professionals about how birth actually looks and sounds. Media content that typically shows labor and birth don't actually depict what birth really looks like.

3.) It shows how birth was historically. No male birthing partners allowed in childbirth ed or birthing rooms? Enemas? I'm glad that's not common practice anymore.

4.) It shows the importance of community for families in transition, and being open to change as birth workers. The midwives are trusted providers in the Poplar community, and are valued beyond pregnancy and birth.

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