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My Focus


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Informed, Supported Births.

Pregnancy and parenting are topics saturated with advice and opinions.  Doula support can help you to make birthing and parental choices for your family with evidence based information, paired with your care provider's medical recommendations.  With gentle understanding that you know what feels right for your body, always.

Connie is an accomplished doula and student midwife, supporting all birth preferences, including medicated, unmedicated, vaginal birth, surgical birth/cesarean, VBAC, and in all birth settings (hospital births, home births, and birth centers.)  With professional experience assisting with singleton and multiples pregnancies.

I'm committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in my practice of Anti-Racist, Disability inclusive, and LGBTQIA+ affirming doula support.

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Nurturing new families as they move through the childbearing year is so important for a positive overall experience.  As a birth and postpartum doula, I understand the physiological process and emotional needs that come along with welcoming a baby into your family.  I also bring reminders of your strength and to check in with your needs without judgement, knowing you will have full support.

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Quality support during the childbearing year has to be flexible.​  I hold families throughout their entire pregnancy with trauma informed care and doula support.  I help people with individualized guidance and resources, especially now during Covid-19 when medical care-providers are not always able to be as intimately involved prenatally as they once were. When you choose to work with a doula, you will have physical, emotional, and informational support during pregnancy, birth, and postpartum that is continuous and personalized.  As your doula, I feel that good support also means bringing attention to body autonomy, respect, informed consent, and amplifying your voice.

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There's quite a bit of jargon in the medical world, which most people aren't completely familiar with.  As your doula, I can walk alongside your family with tools to keep information clear and concise for decision making at your own pace.

Partnering with your clinical care team, doula support helps to ensure that you will understand all of what's happening and your choices.

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Feeling connected and understood by your birth team is a significant element of having a positive birth experience.  It's also important that the birthing person and their birth partner(s) are able to focus and move intimately together through a big physical, emotional, and mental work.

Connection is also the focus of my Hypnobirthing Courses prenatally (group course, hybrid course, and independent course available) -- to make space for clear communication and understanding while demystifying what happens in the body during birth.

When working with a doula, partners are able to participate in all the ways they feel most comfortable and confident.  Want ideas for comfort measures and supportive labor positions?  Your doula has suggestions!  You know your person best, and your doula knows the labor comfort tools and techniques.

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Connie Lambeth is a Full Spectrum Doula, Student Midwife, and Childbirth Educator, supporting families from pre-conception through postpartum healing.

we do so from our core -- not just the core of our bodies, but the core of ourselves. 
We are open and vulnerable during
and after birth, and the energy that is
around us is the energy that we absorb.  It becomes a part of the inner voice that guides us."
-- Diana Spalding, Certified Nurse Midwife

"When we give birth,


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madison doula collective group prenatal
Group Prenatals
with Madison Doula Collective

All Birth Doula Packages include access to Madison Doula Collective Group Prenatals.  This monthly event is for families contracted with a Madison Doula Collective Doula.

Connie Lambeth Prenatal birth Doula Support
Prenatal Support

All Birth Doula Packages include 2 prenatal visits, resources throughout pregnancy, and on-call support surrounding your estimated due date.

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Labor & Birth Support

Birth Doulas are proven to decrease the need for cesareans, provide pain relief, and birthing people are likely to report a more positive birth experience.

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Lactation Support

Concerned about lactation and breastfeeding?  I can help!  Connie is training to be an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC) and  Certified Breastfeeding Specialist.

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Postpartum Support

Postpartum support is included in each birth package.