Family resources through a doula lens.

The nature of being a doula is based around family-centered support.  Not every family needs the same exact kind of support and referrals, and so I have carefully selected a variety of resources to help you along your journey.  

This list holds some of my favorite general resources I've curated together with you in mind.

For pregnancy, birth preparation, postpartum healing, and parenting.

nurture by Erica Chidi Cohen doula madison, wi


By Erica Chidi Cohen

birthing from within by pam england doula madison, wi

Birthing From Within

By Pam England & Rob Horowitz

cribsheet by emily oster doula madison, wi


By Emily Oster

birth partner by Penny Simkin doula madison, wi

The Birth Partner

By Penny Simkin

first forty days by heng ou doula madison, wi

The First Forty Days

By Heng Ou

Montessori from the Start

By Paula Polk Lillard & Lynn Lillard Jessen

hypnobirthing by Michelle Leclaire O'Neill doula madison, wi


By Michelle Leclaire O'Neill

Guide to Breastfeeding

By Ina May Gaskin

The Tao of Montessori

By Catherine McTamaney

Varying in developmental appropriateness for ages 2-12 years.

baby on the way by william and martha sears doula madison, wi

Baby on the Way

By William and Martha Sears & Christie Watts Kelly

what makes a baby by cory silverberg doula madison, wi

What Makes a Baby

By Cory Silverberg

What Baby Needs

By William and Martha Sears & Christie Watts Kelly

how babies are made by fiona katauskas doula madison, wi

The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made

By Fiona Katauskas

hello baby by Jenni Overend doula madison, wi

Hello Baby

By Jenni Overend

pregnancy and birth doula madison, wi

Nonnie Talks about Pregnancy & Birth

By Dr. Mary Jo Podgurski


Singing to your babe in utero is a great way for pregnant people, co-parents and siblings to bond.  Singing the same song to your baby is also an effective way to soothe your newborn baby.


The studies mentioned in this video were done with only cis-man partners, but some findings might carry over for birth partners and co-parents that do not identify as a cis-man.


If having extended family at your birth sounds comforting to you, this is a great video to share with them to prepare.

babywearing Infographic Madison, WI Doula

Babywearing can sometimes feel a little intimidating in extreme temperatures.  Check out my blog post for more details on dressing appropriately for winter babywearing.


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