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The families I work with are the heart and soul of what I do.

Here are some kind words they have to share.

connie lambeth, certified professional midwife

Jackie & Craig

"Connie displayed professionalism while still offering genuine relationship to us. Connie listened attentively to our questions and answered them thoroughly with evidence-based expertise. Connie also emphasized the importance of mental health. We can recall several times that Connie asked about Jackie’s emotional health as well as prompted conversations of how we were emotionally preparing for labor and our postpartum journey. A few concerns arose during pregnancy, including
contracting Covid as well as blood results indicating potential gestational diabetes. In response, Connie provided insightful, complete information as well as best practices that helped calm our fears.
We were delighted to have Connie present at the birth of our child. Connie aided in creating a peaceful, trust-filled environment. During what feels like an incredibly vulnerable time after birth, Connie offered tender and competent care for Jackie and baby’s physical needs."

Katie & Nick

"The guidance, support, and positivity that Connie provided during the birth of our daughter was invaluable.  Connie is an absolute wealth of knowledge about pregnancy and birth which gave us confidence in our decisions and helped us relax as much as possible. She never left our side and was a constant source of calm when I was not, assuring me that everything was normal. Keeping us hydrated, giving me breaks, reminding me to eat, putting lip balm on my wife, helping repeat our mantras: from the hard decisions to the smallest details, Connie was there. 


Connie is the support that I didn't know I needed. From pregnancy to postpartum, my wife and I are very grateful to have had Connie by our side."

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Laura & Joe

"Connie was great to work with.  She is confident and taught us a lot, but was also patient and listened to our needs.  She brought up many topics that my husband and I would not have discussed on our own and it left us feeling connected and prepared for our daughter’s birth.  Connie had a calm and encouraging approach in helping me get through each contraction. I highly recommend Connie for other families.”


"Connie was a blessing to me during my pregnancy and after my baby arrived. She is calm, comforting, reassuring, knowledgeable, and reliable.  

Although my birth did not meet my pre-planned expectations, Connie talked me through the new plan and helped me come to peace with it. She was there for me every step of the way. Connie also provided support after the pregnancy. Seeing her during the postpartum phase was not only helpful in a practical way, it also brought a big smile to my face. In short, I highly recommend Connie’s services."

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Greta & Antonio

"Connie made an anxiety-filled, first-time experience easier through her calming demeanor and habit of patient listening. The moment we first met, we immediately felt comfortable enough to invite her into our personal lives and spaces. It was easy to get hold of her through the succeeding months, and she was intimately involved at Westley's birth, holding my hand, guiding me around the room, reassuring me with an expert blend of words and empathetic silence. My husband and I are so grateful for her familial touch."

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