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Midwifery Referral Program Details:

My referral program is my way of saying thank you for your trust and support.

Simply share our website and social media pages with your friends and encourage them to mention your name. 

For each person a community member refers, who hires me for their midwifery care, they will receive:


People who have been referred to me will receive 10% off of the midwifery care of their choice.


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1.  Referral Program Registration

Sign-up for our referral program is quick and easy -- just fill out this form to get started!

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2.  Refer A Friend

When you refer a community member and they choose me as their midwife, let them know to tell me that you sent them!   Services that are eligible:

  • Home Birth Midwifery

  • Prenatal & Postpartum Midwifery

  • Postpartum Midwifery

  • IUI

  • Prenatal Consulting

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3. Celebrate Together

  1.  When your referred friend books with me, they'll enjoy a 10% discount on their service as a token of our gratitude.

  2.  You'll feel the love too!  As a thank you for your referral, I'll send you a $25 gift card for A Room of One's Own, Good Day Shop, or Willy Street Co-Op.  Or you can also enjoy a 10% discount towards a future midwifery care service of your choice.

Referral Program Registration

To thank you for your referrals, which option would you prefer?
If you would prefer a gift card, please choose your preferred local small business.
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