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Montessori Infant Series: Munari Mobile

Updated: Apr 5, 2021

The Munari Mobile is the first Montessori designed mobile introduced to newborns. You can begin introducing this mobile from birth. You'll notice that the colors are only black and white, partially become newborn are very attracted to high contrast, and partially that they can only see in black and white when they are born. In addition to the educational reasons behind the black and white color pallet, you will also notice the geometric shapes and mobile levels, which help to introduce early mathematical patterns to your baby. The Munari Mobile is also hung low for babies, since newborns can only see about a foot in distance. You'll also notice that there are different levels to the Munari Mobile, that slowly spin. This helps to encourage visual focusing of slightly different distances, and visual tracking of the slow turning of each level.

You'll notice when you child has grown out of the Munari Mobile once their attention isn't grabbed by it for as long.

You can buy the Munari Mobile from Etsy shop "Montessori Edited":

Munari Mobile
photo via Montessori Edited

Or learn how to DIY your own Munari Mobile like this one shown below!


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