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Ginger tea for cold season

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

My oldest daughter started Kindergarten a few days ago, which has me actively thinking about cold and flu season. There aren't many options for pregnant and breastfeeding women when it comes to medication that is safe. And when you have a cold, there isn't much that the average person can do aside from ride the wave anyway.

When I was a teacher and I had a cold I would always make myself a large pot (yes, a pot!) of ginger tea that I could drink all day, until my cold went away. It makes a very strong tea, and it soothes sore throats in a way that is safe for pregnancy and breastfeeding.

doula madison wi pregnancy breastfeeding


- Hand of fresh ginger

- Pot full of water


1.) Bring pot full of water to a boil. You could also use a tea kettle if you wanted to make smaller batches. But if you're not feeling well, it's convenient to make it once and have it ready.

2.) Peel a whole hand of ginger with a spoon. (It really works!)

3.) Slice the ginger into coins.

4.) Remove the pot from the burner, and add the sliced ginger to the water.

5.) Allow the ginger to steep in the water for 20 mins. (I know that seems long, but it works best when it's strong.)

6.) I usually store it the tea in mason jars in my refrigerator until I'm ready to reheat it and add honey.

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