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5 Reasons to Choose Hypnobirthing

Updated: Apr 28, 2020

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5.) It's not just for unmedicated births.

Hypnobirthing tools can be helpful to compliment any birth preferences, from unmedicated to medicated, or even surgical births. When I was pregnant with my first daughter I assumed that Hypnobirthing wasn't a tool that would work for me, but I was wrong. I used Hypnobirthing tools during the birth of my second daughter and it was extremely helpful during her birth!

Something I loved about my Leclaire Method Hypnobirthing training was that all births and birth preferences can be aided and supported by Hypnobirthing. You can be planning a cesarean, a medicated birth, or an unmedicated birth and still use Hypnobirthing techniques. In my Hypnobirthing course, I help people find the tools that will compliment their birth preferences so that they're able to be present, informed, and centered during their births.

4.) Hypnobirthing aids your daily self-care.

An element of Hypnobirthing is meditation. Many people believe they are bad at meditation (I used to think I was too!), but it's an excellent way to make time for yourself. You don't have to keep a completely clear mind during meditation, and you don't have to be sitting on the floor on a pillow to do it either. (That was my a-ha moment!) Meditation can be done while you cook dinner, or go for a walk, but it's something you can do for yourself during your pregnancy to help you to slow down and be present during your pregnancy, birth, and once your baby has arrived.

3.) Mind/Body connection.

Pregnant people have a lot on their minds, and everyone comes with life experiences that can add to the stress. Hypnobirthing helps you to work through any fears or anxieties you might be feeling about pregnancy, birth, postpartum, and parenting to use your mind as a tool for relaxing your body.

2.) Less Painful and Shorter Labor

Hypnobirthing helps your body to labor instinctually, with less pain. When your body is tense it works against you instead of working for you. The more relaxed you are during your labor, the faster your labor will be. Have you ever tensed up your fingers and tried to move them? You can still move them, but not very effectively and it's pretty uncomfortable. Now try relaxing your hand and wiggle your fingers. Not only is it easier to move them (and with a fuller range of movement), but you also have absolute control over them.

1.) It's another tool you can utilize during your birth.

All Childbirth Education classes teach you options for comfort measures, but not all Childbirth Educators know the comfort measures that Hypnobirthing teaches you. Even if you find that you don't use all of the Hypnobirthing techniques during your birth, you still have more tools to lean on during your birth.

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