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Books Worth Reading Series: How Mama's Love Their Babies

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

One of the most influential ways we can help our babies development is by reading to them. Reading helps with bonding, language skills, and builds concentration. Children's books can be another good way to begin exposing and discussing topics like race and equality with your child. One of the most influential ways you can combat racism is to start conversations and model behavior and language. You can also have toys in the home that are diverse in appearance. When looking for additional books, be sure to read them before you read them to your children with a critical eye. Are there stereotypes present? Is it culturally appropriative? Just because there is some diversity present in the illustrations does not mean it is a good book to talk about race, privilege, and justice.

I've always loved sharing books with my preschoolers when I was a teacher, and now as a mother and doula, it's something that I continue to love. I wanted to start a children's book series to help families to consider checking out from their local library or books they can consider adding to their at-home library. My first recommendation is "How Mama's Love their Babies" by Juniper Fitzgerald, which illustrates the many ways mothers provide for their children to thrive.


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