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Different Types of Meditation

Updated: Aug 12, 2021

I break down thinking of meditation into two categories: Guided Meditation and Self-Guided Meditation. Not everyone prefers every single form of meditation, and so it's important that you find the forms of meditation that you enjoy so you can build a sustainable meditation practice.

Self-Guided Meditation:

  • Concentration Meditation: building focus on something else

  • Transendental Meditaion: building focus on keeping a clear mind/free of thought

  • Mindfulness Meditation: building focus on your present reality. grounding.

Guided Meditation:

  • Guided Body Scan: sync body and mind by performing a mental scan

  • Self-Hypnosis: guided meditation with a goal. With Hypnobirthing, the goal is to have a more calm and confident pregnancy and birth experience.

  • Guided Visualization: bringing focus to a specific visualization

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