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Music for Early Childhood That You Won't Hate, Part II

Children's music is notoriously bad, but kids don't actually like bad music either. Here are my favorite children's albums from both my days as a Montessori teacher and to listen to with my own children.

Lead Belly -- Lead Belly is best known for folk songs like "Goodnight Irene", but "Ha Ha This-a-Way" is a fun dancing song you little will love.

Judy Collins - Both Sides Now

Harry Belafonte - Jump In The Line

Willie Nelson - On The Road Again

Me and You -- Barry Louis Polisar

Lillipop by the Chordettes

Iko Iko -- The Dixie Cups

Flanagan and Allen - Run Rabbit Run

John Denver -- Garden Song

Deep In the Heart of Texas -- Gene Autry

The Velvet Underground - I´m Sticking With You

The Ugly Duckling - Danny Kaye



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