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Books Worth Reading: A is for Activist

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Build up your child's home library, or find inspiration on what to check out from your public library next!

"A is for Activist", written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara. Age range: 0-4 years

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, let's take the time to celebrate his legacy by putting all elements of his teaching to work in our lives. It's not enough to read inspirational quotes.

"A is for Activist" shows examples of how we can show up for each other and show up for our larger communities through activism. Parents lead the way as your child's first teacher, and activism is one of the main ways we can teach our children through modeled behavior that our communities need us to be involved. So "A is for Activist" does just offer the smallest children ideas of how they can be involved in their community, but it also offers ideas on how you can lead the way for your family.


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