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Importance of Meal Trains

Embracing the nurturing power of community during life’s transformative moments is part of the journey. 🌿

✨ As a midwife, I’ve witnessed the incredible impact of meal trains on families welcoming new life. Meal trains offer more than nourishment – they are a heartwarming expression of support, providing comfort during the transition into parenthood. Providing food nourishes the body, but it’s also a celebration of the strength of community bonds and the joy that shared meals bring to sacred times. 💖🍲

Also, if you turned the amount that I say comforting in this video into a drinking game you would most definitely be intoxicated. 🍻

I recommend using for a virtual option, or if you would like to have something physical to put out during a baby shower of nesting party, I recommend putting out my Meal Train Digital Download on Etsy.


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