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Postpartum Supply List

postpartum supply list doula madison wisconsin

What do you really need during the postpartum for your own healing? There are tons of products out there that are marketed towards new parents and their babies. Here's my list of the supplies that you'll probably find helpful.

  • A waterproof mattress cover: Put it on your bed a few weeks before your estimated due date in case your waters break in bed, and then helpful once milk comes in.

  • Nursing sleep bras: These are a great option for when folks feel engorged and need some gentle and comfortable support without an underwire.

  • Pads /Depends: Get a variety of sizes, starting with heavy, medium, light, to pantyliners. Some people like to start off with Depends since they won't shift around on you.

  • Breast pads: I love reusable cloth breast pads that are easy to wash and double up on if needed.

  • A peribottle: As your body heals, it may sting when you pee, unless you use a peribottle. A peribottle is used while you pee by diluting your urine, and then after you're done to clean off. The one from Frida is a great option, but most hospitals and home birth kits will include a peribottle.

  • Sitz bath: Sitz baths can feel lovely to soak in after giving birth vaginally, and the herbs help to encourage more straightforward healing. Soaking in a bath is not an option for folks who have a surgical birth.

  • Nipple balm: Nipple balm is a great option for everyday moisturizing and protection. I love like LuSa’s and Earth Mama Organics Nipple Butter. You can also use coconut oil or olive oil as a single ingredient option.

  • Lanolin: Nipple Butters, Balms, and coconut/olive oil are my number one choice for avoiding nipple injuries, but if you experience extreme nipple injuries and cracking, Lanolin will be your friend.

  • Haakaa milk collector/breast shell: Most new parents are familiar with the traditional Haakaa, but the Haakaa milk collector and shell is also a great product for your postpartum self-care. It collects excess milk and create a barrier for your nipples to get space from your clothes in between feedings.

  • Make padsicles: Padsicles are heavy overnight pads with witch hazel and aloe that you can make and keep in the freezer for your perineum until you need them after giving birth. Some people will also add some sitz bath herbal tea to them.

  • Dried Fruit: If you're anxious about your first bowel movement after birth. You can eat dried fruit and fiber to have an easier bowel movement. Some care providers also offer bowel softeners, but eating dried fruit is also a great one-handed snack while snuggling or feeding your babe.

  • Squatty Potty: Another great tool for easing anxieties about the first postpartum BM anxiety is the Squatty Potty. The Squatty Potty helps your body to be in the best alignment possible. Some people even use the squatty potty as a labor tool!


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