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Informed Choices: Informed Consent and Informed Refusal

informed consent, informed refusal, doula madison wisconsin

Informed Consent is a topic that is being highly emphasized in the medical world currently, and also in general. You can't completely consent to anything unless you have a full picture of everything involved. That's where Informed Consent comes in -- but the idea behind it is still emphasized on the person still saying "yes" and consenting.

But I also want to add emphasis on Informed Refusal. Informed refusal emphasizes space for a person to gather all of the information they need to make a choice for themselves or their child, and to have the space to refuse or say "no" or "I'd like to wait and see."

A helpful tool to gather the information you need to make a fullly informed choice is by using the acronym BRAIND.

Being offered interventions? Remember BRAIND.

Benefits: What are the benefits of this procedure for me and my baby?

Risks: List the risks.

Alternatives: What are the alternatives we could choose?

Intuition: What is my gut feeling? Does this procedure make sense?

Nothing: What happens if we do nothing and allow some time?

Discuss and Decide: “We will discuss this issue and let you know our decision.”

informed consent, informed refusal, doula madison wisconsin


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