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5 Ways to Personalize Surgical Births

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Having a surgical birth does not mean having a birth without celebration. Surgical births can be every bit as beautiful as vaginal births, and one of the ways we can try our best for that to happen is my personalizing and individualizing birth experiences.

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  1. Music -- You can choose the music you listen to!

  2. Hypnobirthing -- If you are feeling anxious, there are specific Hypnobirthing recordings for surgical births that you can listen to on headphones or ear buds.

  3. Aromatherapy -- if you are someone who is soothed by aromatherapy, you can choose to smell calming scents to smell during labor (like lavender, rosemary, lemon, or peppermint).

  4. Visualizations -- If you're able to have a partner join you during your surgical birth, your partner can help you to center yourself (and each other) by describing a visualization that you choose together. Some people will choose a spot they love from a vacation, a beach, or a calming place they make up in their mind (a wildflower field, a lush forest, or a cool mountain stream.)

  5. Mantras/Affirmations -- Another way to recenter and focus during a surgical birth is to choose a mantra. You can prepare prenatally during your pregnancy by thinking of affirmations that could work for any kind of birth ("My body is strong, and I'm birthing by baby", "I'm ready to meet my baby", etc...)


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