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Little Free Pantry & Maternity/Baby Supplies

Updated: Apr 26

I wanted to share this here for folks to stay updated!

How Does This Mini Pantry Work?

This mini pantry is an easy way for neighbors to help neighbors who need food, hygiene, or paper items.  As a midwife, I also add in maternity, lactation, babywearing, and baby supplies for the community to share with each other.

Even though its home is on this property, this mini pantry belongs to all of us. Please take care of it and the space around it. Tidy the mini pantry if it needs it. If you can, clean up spills, and please don’t litter.

Give what you can by placing food, hygiene, or paper items inside the mini pantry.  Give what you would want to receive. An easy rule of thumb: buy extra of what you buy your household. No gift is too small. A single can of

green beans can help. Items should be unexpired and in good condition.

Take what you need. If you and items inside and you need them, take them and know we care about you. Please remember the mini pantry belongs to all of us and take only those items you need, trusting the mini pantry will be here for you again.



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