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Virtual Doula Support, Hypnobirthing, and Groups

We are moving through some very unexpected challenging times for pregnant folks and their families. Many hospitals are deciding to limit the amount of visitors allowed for patients, including those who are birthing in hospitals. I completely understand this from a public health standpoint, and so I wanted to make dynamic and fluid support available within the developing guidelines that the CDC and hospitals are setting in place.

In response, I am starting to offer temporary Virtual Doula Support at a sliding-scale for birthing people in our global community.

Many childbirth education courses have also been canceled due to Covid-19, and I have also added a new Hypnobirthing Course that will meet on Skype from March 24-April 28th, and another Skype group course April 20-June1st.

Madison Doula Collective Group Prenatals and Early Parenting & Baby Group will be held on Skype. More than ever, people are going to need to tap into social opportunities and supports, and we've got you covered! RSVP to the event with your Skype username, and I will add you to the group video chat.

If you have any questions, please reach out via email. I'm happy to answer questions you might have, and I'm here for you as you move through this time of transition.

With love and gratitude,




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