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What is Self-Hypnosis?

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Self-Hypnosis is definitely something that has a strong (and untrue) stereotype)! I think people think of someone on a stage doing things that are not doing things that are out of their control. And that couldn't be further from the truth! When someone is doing a guided meditation with self-hypnosis, they are in control of their body, mind, and actions, but they are simply being offered suggestions for relaxation that they are welcome to choose to do or not do. It's the person's choice!

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So What is Self-Hypnosis really?

Guided meditation with a goal! Some guided mediations are intended to be for self-hypnosis without disclosing it (ex:guided meditations for better sleep, lower anxiety, etc...)

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What is the goal for self-hypnosis during your reproductive experiences?

Self-hypnosis for fertility, pregnancy and birth... The goal: to have a calmer,

and more confident fertility, pregnancy, and birth experience!

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