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Why second time parents choose Hypnobirthing

When folks think of childbirth education and birthing classes, they are often thinking of a sit-and-get lecture with maybe some labor positions they can try out. And Hypnobirthing has that, but more. There are more resources and tools available, interactive activities for communication and thought processing, in addition to the typical physiological birth and lactation process. 

What if you already took a birthing class with a previous pregnancy? Does it make sense to take Hypnobirthing with this pregnancy? I think it's worth exploring, at the very least, and here are some reasons why many parents choose Hypnobirthing for subsequent pregnancies.

second time parent childbirth education hypnobirthing madison wisconsin

Top reasons why second (or third, fourth, etc..) time pregnant people choose Hypnobirthing:

1. Process through previous pregnancy and birth experiences.

Every pregnancy and birth is so different, and Hypnobirthing can help to work through any emotions you have surrounding a previous pregnancy. Having previous lived experience is part of your life journey, but making space for new life experiences can be important to allow for.

2. Refresh on the Hypnobirthing method/childbirth education.

It's not uncommon that many of the families that I work with choose to take Hypnobirthing again to get back into the swing with the tools. I also find that families that had taken traditional childbirth education with their first pregnancy like that Hypnobirthing gives them a refresh the physiological birth process in addition to the additional tools that the Hypnobirthing techniques provide.

hypnobirthing second time parents madison wi online birth class

3. To do something special to celebrate this pregnancy and feel connected with your baby. Likewise, second time parents sometimes recognize that they are wanting something different from their second birth, and often want to start making those shifts prenatally. There can be a lot of celebration and reflection in a first pregnancy and subsequent pregnancies don't often have the same amount of emphasis on the excitement of adding another babe to you family. Hypnobirthing offers time during each day to reflect and celebrate your mind, body, and baby.

4. Online live classes are set up to be accessible to parents.

The families that I've done Hypnobirthing with who have an older child made it work by one parent doing the bedtime routine and then joining their partner in class after.  Pax & Lux's Hypnobirthing classes also begin at 7pm CST, which is often after the bedtime of many little ones.

5. Allows for mindful discussion between partners about this pregnancy and birth experience.

It can be challenging to have the designated time to talk when you're parenting a small child. Hypnobirthing carves out weekly discussion focusing on your thoughts and perspective, and offers space for communication you might not be having without taking Pax & Lux's Hypnobirthing course.

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